Are Australian Shepherds Good with Kids?

Are Australian Shepherds Good with Kids

Despite their herding instincts, Aussies or Australian Shepherds are well-known for their ability to persuade their owners. They can make a perfect addition to your household if you are looking for a caring, sociable, and loyal companion. Australian Shepherds are intelligent and attentive dogs. They thrive on human connection and can be an excellent family dog as a result.

Australian Shepherds, on the one hand, are known for being extremely pleasant and bringing joy to the family. However, on the other hand, there is some debate over whether or not they are truly good with children and babies.

Are Australian Shepherds Good with Kids? The answer is debatable. In most circumstances, Australian Shepherds get along well with children and babies, although this is not always the case. Your Aussie’s attitude toward children is determined by his essence.

Why are Aussies good family dogs?

Since they are loyal, trainable, and caring, Australian Shepherds make ideal family dogs.

  • Excellent partners for workouts- If you enjoy going on runs, hikes, or athletic events, this breed will be able to cope with you without difficulty. They’ll be happy to help you blow off some steam and stay in shape.
  • Outdoorsy lovers- Whether it’s a family vacation or a visit to the supermarket, these canines will be ready for anything. They usually get along with your other dogs and go to the dog park with you. You can take your dog almost anyplace dogs are allowed once they have learned to behave on a leash.
  • Highly energetic companions- They have a lot of energy and are constantly ready to play. Your children will enjoy driving them out due to their limitless energy—or vice versa. They’ll never say no to a game of tug of war or tag.
  • Charismatic attitude- The importance of early socialisation in the development of a well-rounded, adaptable dog cannot be overstated. Australian Shepherds, on the other hand, appear to have a naturally charismatic personality that blends well with humans of all ages and other animals. Even if they struggle at initially, their willingness to please aids in training.

Are Australian Shepherds Good with Kids?

Aussies being good with kids

Aussies are high-energy canines who really like having a good time. They adore kids because they are so much fun to play with and mess around with. These are intelligent dogs that are simple to train, thus they should be taught how to behave with children while they are still young. They can be trained to behave properly using the following ways-

  • Physical activity followed by training-

You’ve probably heard how lively these dogs can be by now. They’re lively dogs with seemingly endless energy. Their enthusiasm has the potential to terrify or harm a child. By jumping or running, these dogs may inadvertently injure a child.

So, it’s best to expose your Australian Shepherd to children, after a decent exercise session. They are the least active during this time and can approach toddlers with a calmer attitude.

  • Socialisation-

To begin with, Australian Shepherds are dogs who enjoy being outside. You should introduce them to children of diverse ages as soon as feasible. Making your Australian Shepherd socialised with them is the best thing you can do for them.

  • ‘Leave it’ command-

If your Australian Shepherd begins to play rough with the children after you begin socialisation training, tell them to “leave it.” It’s an effective approach to teach dogs that they are not permitted to behave badly around toddlers.

One of the most fundamental commands. This command, when explicitly taught, instructs your dog to walk away from an object (or person) and leave it alone.

  • Try to build trust-

Building strong bonds between your children and your dog will increase their trust in each other. You see, after they get to know each other better, they won’t be hesitant to approach each other. Your Australian Shepherd will recognise the children as nice individuals as a result of this. This way they’ll have a good time with each other.

  • Train your child how to behave around Aussies-

Dogs have boundaries, and it’s crucial for kids to understand what they’re looking for in their canine companions. It’s vital to establish some ground rules with any individual interacting with your Aussie from the time he or she enters your home.

These guidelines may include not troubling a dog when it is eating, not rousing a sleeping dog, not pinching or prodding dogs, and staying away from their faces whenever possible. This way, everyone can have a great time together as long as your children practice safe interaction.

Aussies being aggressive with kids…

Australian Shepherds are generally non-aggressive dogs. Aussies are inherently friendly and lively, but if their activity demands aren’t addressed, their ingrained need to work can manifest itself in demanding behaviours.

When an Australian Shepherd has too much energy, he or she can fall into bad habits, many of which are reminiscent of their herding days. This is why, when it comes to toddlers, this kind of dog becomes more aggressive.

The desire to control the children is the most commonly mentioned issue in this regard. Originally, Australian Shepherds were developed to herd livestock. As a result, it’s fairly uncommon for them to make the mistake of trying to “herd” smaller children.

The best method to keep your Aussie from becoming aggressive is to provide them with enough daily exercise, socialization, and etiquette training. Aussies, like any other breed, require a little additional attention to develop into well-rounded puppies.

Can an Australian Shepherd bite your kids?

Nipping at your heels is the most prevalent biting action displayed by your Aussie. This is due to their previous experience with livestock herding, where this action was employed to keep their herd in line.

The best and most effective method to prevent this problem is to start obedience training as soon as your Aussie arrives home. This will help them understand not only that they are not in authority of the household, but also that certain behaviours are required of them.

Obedience training can also teach your Aussie suitable correction methods, so if they start nipping at your heels, they will respond swiftly to a corrective tone. When your Aussie realises that this conduct will not be permitted, they will refrain from engaging in it.

Things you need to know before getting an Australian shepherd into your Family

Despite the name, Australian Shepherd is a breed that originated in the United States. The Australian Shepherd was created to herd cattle for ranchers and farmers in the western United States. Here are some facts you need to know about Aussies before you’re letting him enter your family-

  • Australian Shepherds were bred to be aggressive with animals, and if you don’t give them strong and confident leadership in the home, they will. This makes them an unsuitable pet for inexperienced or fearful owners.
  • Australian Shepherds are high-energy dogs who can be destructive and bark for longer timeframes if they don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Despite their reputation for needing a lot of space, Australian Shepherds can thrive in cities provided they are given enough stimulation and exercise. However, they are not suitable for living in an apartment. To help them release some of their pent-up energy, you’ll need at least a small yard.
  • Australian shepherds are naturally wary of strangers, and unless they are exposed to a variety of people on a frequent basis — ideally starting when they are puppies — they can develop a fear of strangers.
  • Aussies, affectionately known as “Velcro dogs,” want to spend the most of their days with their owners and may not be the greatest option for someone who works long hours due to probable anxiety issues.
  • Some Australian Shepherds are extremely eager to please, whereas others are not. Some Aussies, particularly women, are skilled manipulators who can figure out how to achieve what they want. Some of them are stubborn and dominating (they want to be the boss), and they will test your ability to get them to do things.
  • Australian Shepherds shed a lot and need to be brushed and combed on a regular basis to keep mats and tangles at bay. Some Australian Shepherds have shorter, easier-to-maintain coats than others. Those with a lot of feathering will require further attention.
  • Australian Shepherds can have a variety of health issues, ranging from hip difficulties to eye problems to skin and allergy issues.


Are Australian Shepherds Good with Kids? Thus, to summarise this I would like to say that Aussies can be a highly energetic, joyful and lively companion for your family. I believe your Aussie will definitely reciprocate to kids at times, but not at others. It is entirely dependent on your dog. There are calmer Australian Shepherds and more aggressive Australian Shepherds, just as there are calmer humans.

They get along nicely with children in general. Aussies, as we all know, are vivacious and only want to be active. This perspective can have a significant impact on how they interact with the kids.

But, if you follow the suggestions we covered above, your Australian Shepherd will have all of the tools he or she needs to be the best puppy possible.

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